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  • 26.09.2018

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A week after Bronx fire, 13th person dies

A week after Bronx fire, 13th person dies

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A 13th person has died from injuries suffered in one of New York City's deadliest fires in decades.

Police say 27-year-old Holt Francis was critically injured in the December 28 Bronx apartment building fire and died at a hospital. They say the fire was caused by a three-year-old boy playing with stove burners.

Francis' wife, their two daughters and a niece also were killed in the fire.
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Eight adults and five children died in the fire. Among them was 28-year-old Emmanuel Mensah, who rescued a number of people that night before going back into the burning building and dying of smoke inhalation.

Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro says the fire started on a stove and raced through a door and up five floors.
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