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Meghan’s first event: the verdict

Meghan’s first event: the verdict

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The eyes definitely have it.
While the world’s newest princess-in-waiting was clearly focused on being the perfect royal, it was the look of love between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that had everyone talking.
A loved-up Markle couldn’t take her eyes off her new fiance as she charmed the crowd in a freezing British regional city just four days after their engagement.
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Officially, it was Prince Harry who was introducing his bride to be to Nottingham in the English midlands.
But everyone who was there was really waiting to see one person — the American TV star and divorcee who had just accepted Prince Harry’s marriage proposal.
And Ms Markle did not disappoint on her first charm offensive.
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Majesty magazine managing editor Joe Little said Ms Markle’s prompt public appearance was highly successful.
“I don’t recall another occasion when a royal bride-to-be was put to work in such a short time,” Mr Little told News Corp Australia.
“I don’t mean that in an unkind way. It would have been something that she and Prince Harry had chosen to do. It was a very good impression at a very early stage.”
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By contrast, Kate Middleton waited more than three months after her engagement to Prince William before she ventured out on a formal event.
Former Buckingham Palace press secretary Dickie Arbiter said Ms Markle was clearly comfortable in the limelight.
“She is an actor,” he said. “She’s done a few walkabouts when she’s on the red carpet because that’s what’s required — to go and talk to the fans.”
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Prince Harry wrapped a protective arm around his fiancee. But she soon broke away and showed she could hold her own in front of the crowds — so much so it took almost half an hour for them to walk 200 metres between to a World AIDS Day charity event.
According to Mr Dickie, it was a clear strategy to win over the public.
“They are there to meet the people. If the timing of engagements slips, it doesn’t matter,” he said.
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Despite Ms Markle’s early success, Mr Little warned she will face challenges as she negotiates her way into the hearts and minds of the British people.
“She will come in for lots of scrutiny between now and the wedding and of course in the weeks and months and probably years after the wedding,” he said.
“I hope people give her a bit of space and time. She is on a steep learning curve.”
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Wearing a navy double-breasted woollen coat from Canadian label Mackage and carrying a Strathberry dark handbag with gold handle, Ms Markle waved to the crowds who had been waiting for hours for a glimpse of her.
At one point, Ms Markle bent down to retrieve a glove dropped in the crowd, much to the delight of the woman who lost it in the melee.
Despite the cold, Ms Markle was not wearing gloves herself, allowing her to show off her engagement ring studded with two diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection and a third from Botswana, where Prince Harry took his bride-to-be on one of their first dates.
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