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UK to submit Brexit bill plan by December

UK to submit Brexit bill plan by December

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Britain will submit its proposals on how to settle its financial obligations to the European Union before an EU Council meeting next month, finance minister Philip Hammond says.
British Prime Minister Theresa May was told on Friday that there was more work to be done to unlock Brexit talks, as the European Union repeated an early December deadline for her to move on the divorce bill.
"We will make our proposals to the European Union in time for the council," Hammond told the BBC on Sunday.
Brexit talks reach 'deadline of deadlines'
Last week, May met fellow leaders on the sidelines of an EU summit in Gothenburg to try to break the deadlock over how much Britain will pay on leaving the bloc in 16 months.
She signalled again that she would increase an initial offer that is estimated at some 20 billion euros ($A34 billion), about a third of what Brussels wants.

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