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  • 05.07.2020
MasterChef star’s bizarre love triangle

MasterChef star’s bizarre love triangle

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MASTERCHEF cook Poh Ling Yeow has revealed her ex-husband Matt Phipps fell in love with her best friend, but they’re all still such good mates so that he now manages her.
If that isn’t complicated enough, Poh and her current husband DJ-carpenter Jono Bennett, 35, who used to drive her between the MasterChef studio kitchens and the house, have opened Jamface cafe at the Adelaide Central Market with her ex and his girlfriend, Sarah Rich, who was originally Poh’s bestie.
Now the four of them have opened up about their unusual dynamic, telling Women’s Weekly they’re close friends.
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Poh, 43, told the publication that she was always on good terms with her ex Matt.
“We were such great mates — that’s what made it so hard for us to break up in the first place,” she said.
“It just made sense to figure it out — because we really love each other.”
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“He’s like my brother — We’re much better suited as friends.
“It came to such a hairy end.
“There was just so much pain between us that it was kind of a relief to let it go and let that turn into something really beautiful — a lifelong friendship.”
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The magazine reports that Jono “was initially suspicious of her relationship with Matt.”
“It was hard at first, but it was my own personal issues of confidence in myself and jealousy, which had no reason to be there,” he told the publication.
“It was something we all had to work on essentially. I know it’s very human to be jealous, but it doesn’t make it right.
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“They went through a lot when they were together and really helped each other.
“There’s a lot of history there, so it’s not something that can be taken away. It’s not something that should be.”
Matt also weighed in on their unusual dynamic.
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“Why do we have to? Simply because tradition says we should hate each other’s guts,” he told the magazine.
Poh is the host of SBS’s Poh & Co and was runner up in the first season of MasterChef, in which Julie Goodwin took the top gong. She also runs a popular food stall at the Adelaide Farmers’ Markets.
Poh and Matt met in 1990 when they were both Mormons.
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