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  • 18.12.2018

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Before/after pics show addiction reality

Before/after pics show addiction reality

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A drug charity has released a harrowing series of photos to show the horrifying effects drug addiction has on a user’s face.
The shocking mugshots, taken at various stages in the addicts’ lives, show dramatic changes in their looks in just a few years.
Campaigners from the charity Rehabs hope that releasing the pictures will discourage people from using drugs.
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Bad skin, spots and sores are present on many of the faces, which also age much more rapidly than normal.
All the men and women pictured were regular users of substances including cocaine, heroin, meth and oxycodone.
Rehabs also issued a frightening list of the effects of each of the drugs on the way the users look.
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It included, cellulite, weight loss, abscesses and scabs for heroin and facial sores and tooth decay for Meth.
The American charity have recently conducted surveys on how seeing ravaged faces of drug users puts people off using themselves.
In a poll of 1600 adults 89.3 per cent said that seeing the physical effects made them less likely to abuse drugs.
It also found that after seeing the pictures, 72.7 per cent were more likely to support greater access to treatment for those struggling with substance use disorders.

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