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  • 25.11.2017

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Is’s chilling warning to Prince George

Is’s chilling warning to Prince George

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Islamic State fanatics have reportedly made a chilling threat against Prince George saying: “Even the royal family will not be left alone.”
The barbarous extremists allegedly posted a picture of the future king on encrypted instant messaging app Telegram with the horrifying message.
A picture of the young royal outside his $34,000-a-year school in Battersea, South London, was also reportedly shared on the app along with the school’s address and the comment “school starts early”.
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The message allegedly also included words from a jihadi song which translate as, “When war comes with the melody of bullets, we descend on disbelief, desiring retaliation”.
A Daily Star investigation uncovered the vile messages, and were told by security experts it was critical to monitor the messaging service.
Telegram has been branded a “breeding ground” for terrorists after IS extremists behind the 2015 Paris attacks used the encrypted messaging app to spread propaganda.
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IS also used the app to recruit the perpetrators of the Christmas market attack in Berlin last year and claim credit for the massacre.
Barry Spielman, whose internet surveillance firm Sixgill has been tracking Telegram channels since the start of the year, told the Star: “Now we are seeing explicit threats.
“It seems that as Is continues to lose ground in Syria and Iraq, it has stepped up its threats to hit the West.”
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A Metropolitan Police spokesman said the force was “aware of online extremist content” but would not comment on Prince George’s specific security arrangements.
This isn’t the first time IS have threatened a member of the royal family.
Just last month, a disturbing extremist video challenged Prince Harry to fight jihadis.
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In the English-language clip a man, identified as Abu Uqayl, said: “Why don’t you come here and fight us if you’re man enough, so that we can send you and your Apaches to hellfire?”
They also targeted the Queen in 2015.
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