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  • 21.01.2019

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PM's one-on-one time with Trump canned

PM's one-on-one time with Trump canned

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Malcolm Turnbull's one-on-one meeting with Donald Trump has now become a three-way discussion with Japanese leader Shinzo Abe.
The prime minister was due to meet the US president on the sidelines of the East Asia summit in Manila but it was cancelled at the last minute on Monday morning.
The North Korean nuclear weapons threat is likely to dominate the trilateral discussions.
Boris vows to free woman jailed in Iran
The revised meeting means the question of resettling refugees and asylum seekers on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea and Nauru to the US is unlikely get an airing.
Hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers remain barricaded in the mothballed detention centre on Manus Island while others remain in limbo on Nauru.
The Trump administration reluctantly had agreed to honour a deal between the Obama administration and Canberra to resettle up to 1250 people.
Trump delays Jerusalem embassy decision
So far 54 have gone to the US.
Mr Turnbull was facing pressure to ask Mr Trump to speed up the resettlement process.
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinta Ardern, who has offered to take 150 refugees, is seeking another meeting with Mr Turnbull to express her "grave concerns" about the situation on Manus Island.
EU: UK should pay $98 billion for Brexit
NZ is reluctant to take its offer directly to the PNG government.
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