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  • 21.05.2019
Women’s orgasm faces captured
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Women’s orgasm faces captured

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A photographer has captured the moments before, during and after a woman orgasms with an incredibly intimate photo series.
Marcos Alberti’s latest work, suitably dubbed “O Project,” aims to present female sexuality as it has never been seen before.
To capture the climatic moment of 20 women, he paired up with sex toy company Smile Makers, who believe that being sexually satisfied is the key to being beautiful.
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Alberti asked each of his subjects to sit on a stool in front of him and pleasure themselves with one of the brand’s products.
He then captured the build-up to climax and the moments afterwards.
The resulting photos chart each woman’s facial changes — and the speed at which her expression changed.
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On his website, Alberti said of the project: “I love that we were able to speak so frankly with these women about sex and pleasure. When you approach the taboo topic of sex through the lens of humour, people start to open up and share opinions more freely, which can lead to a monumental change in people’s mentality.”
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