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  • 25.04.2019
Straight men are having sex with their friends for a very weird reason

Straight men are having sex with their friends for a very weird reason

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Changing attitudes towards homosexuality have lead to more straight men having threesomes with their friends.

A study by British sociologist Dr Ryan Scoats, who has a PhD in threesomes has found that sexual activities between two men and a woman are on the rise. 

"Bromances" and further acceptance of sexuality has seen men use threesomes as a closer way to bond with their friend.
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Scoats study of 30 males students at Birmingham City University found that a third had experienced a threesome by their second year, with six being involved in more than one.

Scoats found that there was very little physically interaction between men in male-male-female threesomes. 

In turn,  most women were found to be intimidated by the thought of having sex with two men and their fears only subsided when the men interacted during the encounter.
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Scoats told the Daily Mail:

Younger guys engaging in threesomes are shifting along with society toward being less homophobic.

This is allowing them to have threesomes with other men without it challenging their sexuality.
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The trend ties into bromances, and shows that modern men are more comfortable with their male friends

As already mentioned, once it is revealed that the two men will be interacting a woman's concerns often subside making the act way more intimate and less like depictions in pornography.

Scoats adds:
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Women are generally more reluctant to engage in MMF threesomes than men, maybe because they find it intimidating or objectifying.

But when it's suggested the males will be interacting sexually, for some women, this can be anxiety-reducing because they appear less like an object.

Threesomes are still surrounded in stereotypical stigmas like jealousy, but fortunately Scoats found little of this in his study.
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Threesome sex is just like any other sex, people do it for different reasons and it has different outcomes.

Society stigmatises this behaviour.
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