• 15:34
  • 21.10.2017
Donald Trump met by angry protesters on return to Trump Tower

Donald Trump met by angry protesters on return to Trump Tower

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President Donald Trump has arrived at his New York home for the first time since his inauguration as a throng of protesters lined the street.

The President's motorcade pulled up to Trump Tower on Monday night while avoiding the protesters, who chanted "New York hates you" and “shame, shame, shame” while awaiting him.

Thousands of protesters had lined Manhattan's Fifth Avenue to await him, along with a group of supporters numbering in the dozens.
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The protesters carried signs with such messages as “impeach” and “stop the hate, stop the lies”. Supporters shouted “God bless President Trump”.

Security is heavy around the skyscraper. Police have stationed sand-filled sanitation trucks as barriers around the building and layers of metal police barricades around the main entrance.

Among the protesters was the Reverend Jan Powell, a retired United Church of Christ minister.
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She said she is concerned by the Republican president's response to the white supremacist rally that descended into violence on Saturday in Virginia.

Mr Trump initially blamed “many sides” for the violence, before later saying “racism is evil”.

Police said two people have been arrested on disorderly conduct charges near Trump Tower, during the demonstration against the President.
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The protesters began leaving following the President's arrival at Trump Tower.

He tweeted: “Feels good to be home after seven months, but the White House is very special, there is no place like it... and the US is really my home!”

Mr Trump has said he would “love” to go home to Trump Tower more often but it is “very disruptive to do”.
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